Google’s Energy Addiction

Harper’s has a little piece about Google’s energy habits: Keyword: Evil — Google’s addiction to cheap electricity.

Fake Steve Jobs gives us a summary:

I was gratified to see this article in Harper’s
which describes the obscene amount of energy Google eats up with its
data centers ("a new heavy industry, an energy glutton that is only
growing hungrier") and the slick trickery that Google employed in
Oregon so it could keep getting us taxpayers to pay part of their
electric bills. The Bush administration wanted to privatize a utility.
Google and a friendly congressman persuaded Bush not to do it so they
could keep getting below-market-rate electricity — ie, electricity
subsidized by us, the taxpayers.

Starting to see the pattern
here? We subsidize Google’s electric bills so they can run their giant
data centers. But those data centers cause global warming. So Google
and the VCs create new companies to solve global warming. We subsidize
those companies too. Google and the VCs get rich. We get a nice card at
Christmas, and a free Gmail account. Right on, dudes. Don’t be evil.

Link: Larry Page, friend of the environment.

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