Computer TakeBack Campaign

This campaign seeks to improve the recycling practices of computer manufacturers (Apple in particular).

From an AP story about it:

Environmentalists with the Computer TakeBack Campaign are planning a
yearlong campaign to protest Apple’s lackluster recycling efforts.
Despite drizzle on Tuesday at the annual Macworld Conference &
Expo, activists passed out leaflets and erected a giant banner
proclaiming, “from iPod to iWaste.”

Environmentalists said they’re targeting Apple
because the hardware and software company makes it difficult to replace
batteries in its digital music players, and it charges many consumers
$30 to recycle their unused or broken computers and laptops.

know consumers won’t pay 30 bucks to get rid of something they think is
junk,” said Robin Schneider, executive director of the Austin,
Texas-based Texas Campaign for the Environment. …

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