A Techie Discovers Irony, re: Lee Siegel

Blogger academHacK has discovered that Lee Siegel’s Against the Machine is available in Kindle format, which, you know, is ironic.  Link: Saturday Humor: Fearing Technology, via Smart Mobs.

Here’s more irony: an "academic" who can’t capitalize words properly! ha ha.  Gosh, this is easy.

Seriously, though, I just finished reading Siegel’s book yesterday and my thoughts are mixed.  He makes some good points about participatory culture and internet hype, but the book is much more a piece of cultural criticism (not technology related) than anything else.  He spends more words criticizing American Idol than he does criticizing YouTube.  So I find it puzzling that the book was given such a provocative title, but I guess that’s marketing for you.  I also think his logic is pretty weak, though the book is really more a rant than an argument.

And of course Siegel points out clearly in the book that he’s not blindly anti-Internet, which should ease academHacK’s mind.

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